Monday, December 29, 2008

Disentangling Whales

I love the Internet. I love awesome websites. What I love most is when people on the Internet send me awesome websites. So, when Jives over at The New Blue sent me the link to the New England Aquarium Research Team site, I was pretty darn excited! Here's a group of people, so driven to help protect Right Whales, that they get out on the water and disentangle fishing gear from the whales. Let me say that again, they disentangle fishing gear from whales. Wow! How do I get a job like that?

With so many human-created dangers out there, it's a wonder the worldwide whale populations are not even worse off. With abandoned fishing gear littering the ocean and starving Southern Resident Orcas, there is so much set against the mystical megafauna. I'm thankful that there are people making an effort to even out the playing field. One whale at a time is much, much better than nothing.


Jives said...

The team is extremely dedicated! Many of them join the seasonal efforts in addition to teaching jobs ... like Bill does.

Who knows when (or where) we'll see you helping whales :)

Liza said...

That is wonderful that Bill helps out seasonally. I'm definitely looking forward to a future of helping whales! Seeing/hearing about people doing what they do gives me lots of ideas and hope. =)