Saturday, February 7, 2009

Belyoga Whales

How's this for a headline: Whales serve as backdrop for aquarium yoga classes

Yep, the Georgia Aquarium is now offering yoga classes in the same space as their beluga tank. I can't decide whether this is cool or just plain weird. Having never tried yoga, I can't say whether this would enhance the relaxed environment or not, but their yoga instructor seems to think it adds "peace and calm" to the atmosphere. I wonder if practicing yoga in the shark tank area would have the same effect...


Kevin Zelnio said...

Hi there, Just discovered your blog from your comment on Deep Sea News. Good luck with the job hunt. Lots of people doing whale/marine mammal research at Duke Marine Lab. Thanks for reading us! Good to have more marine bloggers. Don't forget to submit to the Carnival of the Blue each month.

Liza said...

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the comment! I'll see if I can submit to Carnival of the Blue next month... I'm still just exploring this world of marine blogging. Your blog is awesome; keep it up!